About our Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children, youth and women to overcome poverty, abuse and neglect and gain an equal opportunity to safety, health and education.

Our Approach

We provide one-time and multi-year grants to Canadian charitable organizations whose aims and programmes help us fulfill our mission.

Our Process

We receive and evaluate project proposals from registered Canadian charities and not-for-profit organizations each year, and provide grants each spring and fall to selected organizations.

Traquair Family Foundation


Foundation Directors

The Board of Directors of the Traquair Family Foundation is comprised of the family of Brian and Janis Traquair. The directors are:

  • Brian Traquair
  • Janis Traquair
  • Ellen Traquair
  • Robert Castro
  • Hugh Traquair
  • Celina Baines

Traquair Family Foundation Officers:

President - Ellen Traquair

Ellen is  Manager, Data Analytics at Combined Insurance and has her MBA from DePaul University. Ellen is married to Robert Castro, and they live in Chicago. Ellen is president of the foundation. 

Vice President - Hugh Traquair

An internal medicine physician at Hamilton Health Services, Hugh is In the first year of a two year fellowship and is married to Celina Baines. Hugh is vice president of the foundation. 

Secretary - Janis Traquair

Janis is active in our Toronto neighbourhood and church community, and is secretary of the foundation. Janis and Brian live in Toronto.

Treasurer - Brian Traquair

Brian retired from a career in the software industry in 2016, and is now advising fintech start-ups. He is active in a number of charities and provides pro-bono consulting to the not-for-profit sector. Brian is treasurer of the foundation.

TFF - Grants

What is our goal?


Established in 2009, the Traquair Family Foundation is committed to equity of opportunity for everyone. Our mandate is to support Canadian initiatives of Canadian non-profit and charitable organisations that are aligned to our mission.

How can I learn more?


We have provided basic information here on our website. This includes background on our mandate as well as financial reports. If you would like to know more, please contact us via the form or via email.

How do we apply for a grant?


Please submit a proposal in writing, either by letter to our mailing address or by email to our email address. We will confirm receipt and may reply with questions. We do not have an application form. Please be as specific as possible on the requested grant amount and the intended use of the funds.

How do you choose?


We review grant proposals in the spring and early fall. We make decisions and issue grant cheques in Q2 and Q4 of each year. We choose the initiatives most closely aligned to our mandate, and based on the relative impact to the applicant organization.

What types and sizes of grants?


Our grants typically range between $1,000 and $10,000. We have both a one-time grant program and a three-year grant program. It is our practice to generally rotate grant recipients after three years.

What reporting is required?


We ask to receive your normal annual report, as well as a letter describing the ways in which our funds were used and the impact they created.

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Contact Us

Here is how to reach us by mail or email ...

Traquair Family Foundation

701 - 2118 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6S 0A6 Canada